Cycling Leg Warmers How To Wear

Cycling Leg Warmers How To Wear
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Leg warmers are to be used with cycling shorts and go from the ankle all the way up to the mid-point on the thigh. The leg of the shorts should be worn over the top of the leg warmer to help hold it in place.

For those new to the sport, leg warmers are designed to be worn with bib shorts. They are intended to be worn underneath your shorts, typically from the mid point of the thigh to the ankle, being typically made from lyrca, with silicone grippers to hold them in place.

It’s OK for arm warmers to be worn fully rolled down to your wrists, however, but only if – and this is important – your leg warmers have been fully removed first. Wearing leg warmers with no armwarmers is a cycling crime for reasons that may or may not be relevant.

By Fred Matheny Q: This will be my first winter on the bike. I’m confused about whether to wear leg warmers under or over shorts. And what about tights?


Published on Jul 14, 2018 | Under Socks and Hosiery | By Kiyya | Woman Fashion, Clothing and Accessories