Dancina Girls’ Ballet Dance Transition Tights Ultra Soft Convertible Pro

Dancina Girls' Ballet Dance Transition Tights Ultra Soft Convertible Pro
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  • 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex
  • WILL THEY FIT ? With Dancina’s WHOPPING 92% Amazon ”fit as expected” results for our identical sister product the footed tights, you needn’t worry. We are very confident this new transition model will fit just as well
  • THESE TRANSITION TIGHTS look exactly like our regular footed tights but have a hole on the bottom of the foot which can be pulled up over the ankle, making them footless tights. It is stretchy and elastic, so you can open it wide enough to pull the foot through, but it stays tight and encloses the foot when it’s in place. The main benefit for little ballerinas is to allow them to quickly pull the tights off the foot to slip on another pair of shoes – a good chance they’ll last longer!
  • WILL THEY LAST? I’m going to get yet another customer of our footed tights to help me here too – “We have been through so many tights in the past. Glad we have found these! They are great quality and will last. They are also very soft and comfortable.”
  • HOW do they FEEL? Let’s be honest our girls are the ultimate judge of all Dancina’s efforts to produce a great product, and YOUR efforts to buy her the very best. Comments like “My daughter is almost 3 but growing fast so I got her the 4T and they fit great. She’s very comfortable. She keeps staring at her legs to see how cool they look. Thank you Dancina!” – – – simply make it all worthwhile
  • MATCH all OCCASIONS: we’re approaching our fourth year now and we FINALLY seem to have the lovely opaque colour choices just right – even for the ever demanding Dance School Instructors! And don’t forget these convertible tights come with Dancina’s 100% guarantee or your purchase price and shipping fully refunded – no limitations whatsoever. Here at Dancina we’ve done our very best to take all the risk out of your shopping, so go right ahead and put this lovely leotard dress in your basket now!
Published on May 28, 2018 | Under Socks and Hosiery | By Kiyya
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