Ellaste Yoga Socks Non Slip – Anti Skid Grip Sock For Yoga Pilates Barre – For Women Girls Men Boys

Ellaste Yoga Socks Non Slip – Anti Skid Grip Sock For Yoga Pilates Barre – For Women Girls Men Boys
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  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE FOR EVERY WORKOUT – The Ellaste Socks’ stylish anti-slip sole is ergonomically designed to contour the natural shape of your foot and guarantees a firm grip which allows you to push yourself when it really matters. Remove all distractions and fully concentrate on your performance with peace of mind.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE OF STRONG AND COMFORTABLE GRIP – Yoga socks usually have dotted skid grips that put prickly pressure on the sole of your foot. Or have decorative skids that are flatter but do not cover enough surface area to offer a strong grip. The flat and comfortable skids of Ellaste yoga socks cover a wide surface area to provide a strong grip.
  • EMBRACES YOUR FEET LIKE SECOND SKIN – The Ellaste Performance Yoga Socks are made with smooth bamboo fiber for their elasticity and snug fit. The Ellaste Yoga Socks offer a firm fit for a wide-range of feet sizes (Women 5~12, Men 4~11) with supreme elasticity. Performance can also come with extra comfort.
  • STAY FRESH WITH NATURAL ANTI-BACTERIA AND BREATHABILITY – With its unique textile weave and naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fiber, the Ellaste Yoga Socks easily absorbs and evaporates sweat, keeping your feet dry without bacteria and bad odor. Just because you sweat doesn’t mean you can’t keep fresh.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR 90 DAYS – To prove how confident we are in “Ellaste Yoga Socks,” we offer a money back guarantee for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied with your socks, we will refund your purchase with no exception. The Yoga Socks is ON SALE for a Limited Time Only. Click the Add to Cart Button Now. (*Beware of counterfeit products. Ellaste is the SOLE manufacturer and distributor of the Ellaste Yoga Socks)
Published on May 29, 2018 | Under Socks and Hosiery | By Kiyya
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